Development Consulting


The development process may appear simple at first glance, but is rife with pitfalls that new and experience developers can make.  A development consultant will

help avoid the mistakes that are commonly made.  Our 36 years of experience with solar energy will ensure the project returns the greatest benefit with the least risk.

What can I expect from a Consultant?

Consultants can deliver advice on every aspect of a project.  Services can be divided into three categories; pre-development, project development and operation.

    • Pre-development consulting will address concerns about the greater solar industry, incentives in the form of rebates SRECs and Tax Credits, general site criteria, appropriate technology and risk assessment.  General project and financing structures will be presented at this stage.

    • Project Development is the process of assessing a specific site for feasibility of interconnection, energy production, permitting and financing.  When it is determined that the project is feasible, design/permitting and interconnection is initiated.  Upon receipt of approvals, a budget and custom financial structure will be presented.  Obtaining a PPA, tax equity partners, financing, equipment procurement and construction plans are all within the scope of this stage.  Many of these tasks can be performed concurrently.

    • Operation consulting is advice on addressing the daily issues that arise from running a solar farm.  Many developers do not have experience with the long term commitment of maintaining production goals.  This service can range from occasional advice on critical procedures to full operation of a solar farm from maintenance to billing.

When should I engage a Consultant?

Ideally, before a site is selected.  Site selection can be the most critical component to achieving success.  If the site is already chosen, a Consultant can be essential

in the design process and financial model development.  In general, a consultant should be engaged at the earliest possible stage.

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