Cash Purchase

Simple purchase of either equipment or a full turnkey system.  The system will provide electricity that can be consumed or sold at the owners discretion.  Payment terms are available on a case by case basis.

Loan Purchase

Purchase of either equipment or a full turnkey system with third party financing.  We will assist in securing your loans. The system will provide electricity that can be consumed or sold at the owners discretion.

Tax Equity Partnership

Tax Equity Partnership ("TEP") is a business structure for a solar project that allows a third party to participate in receiving the tax benefits from purchasing solar equipment.  The Partner provides cash in exchange for an equity stake in the project.  This equity stake entitles the Partner to a share of the tax incentives.  Talmage Solar Engineering can guide a developer through the TEP process.


In some states there are incentives based on a publicly funded rebate.  Many times these incentives pair with Federal incentives.  Our team can assist with the application and award of rebates.


Power Purchase Agreements ("PPA") are long term agreements between project developers and energy end users to buy clean energy. The PPA provider absorbs the costs of design, construction, operation, and maintenance; end users realize a lower utility bill immediately. Once attached to a local utility grid an end user can supplement their regular utility bill with net metering credits from a solar system.

PPA benefits

    Long term savings-Positive cash flow from day one.
    No upfront costs to the end user- Helps you reap the benefits of solar without upfront costs.
    Protection from escalating energy rates- Experts predict the cost of electricity will grow faster than inflation due to pressure from global demand growth. If prices rise as projected your savings will increase.
    Carbon footprint reduction- Solar energy does not have to be mined, drilled for, refined, or transported around the world.
    The best marketing and PR tools available- Creates a competitive advantage and demonstrates environmental leadership and visible point of difference.


Talmage Solar Engineering has donated over $500,000 to non-profit entities to promote education of children in hopes that the future of the planet is a responsible one. If you represent a non-profit entity with similar goals please contact us to discuss donations.