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Sharon (Commercial)

The project known as SunGen Sharon 1 is our largest project to date and the largest in the state of Vermont. The 2.2MW system incorporates 9,562 Upsolar UP-M230 polycrystalline modules. Each panel is monitored by Tigo Energy Maximizers assuring they deliver the most power available under any condition. The Maximizers are expected to increase performance of the array by 4% within the first year while driving the cost of operation down. The project is part of the Vermont Feed-In Tariff that is managed by Vermont SPEED. The power’s fed into the Public Service grid and purchased by Green Mountain Power. Over the life of the project the system is expected to produce approximately 57,500,000 kwh. The array will produce enough power to supply approximately 440 of the 553 homes in the Town of Sharon.

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Essex County Greenbelt (Public)

This system was built on a community based environmental group and supports 15%-20% of their electrical needs. 

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Doctor Daglish (Public)

At the time of instillation in 2007 the cost of electric in Anguilla was at .33 cents per KWH and the system paid for itself starting day one. This system also has an off grid battery backup.  

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Sandy Buck (Public)

2.7 KW utility interface system. 

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York-Ogunquit United Methodist Church (Public)

Congregation voted to install a 6.6 KW system to fix future operational costs at .9 cents per KWH over 25 years. This system produces over 90% of their electrical needs. 

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Kennebunkport Consolidated School (Public)

Consolidated PTA and students raised funds for this system and their funds were matched by us at Solar Market. 

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Fox Mountain (Public)

This 1,200 acre private hunting camp has an off grid system and is currently being upgraded to a lithium ion phosphate battery bank. The system supports a 6 bedroom main house, 3 bedroom guest house and a 75,000 gallon pool.  

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Chip William (Public)

This is an off grid system that supports 100% of this 2,200 square foot home.

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Tom and Rita Roberts (Public)

This system is 100% off grid. 

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Bath Water Works (Commercial)

Laurence Gardner (Public)

This home has a Zomeworks tracking system which moves with the sun without mechanical means. 

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Camp Medomak (Commercial)

Annett Gusnell (Public)

Utility interface solar electricity with battery backup. 

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Gotts Island (Public)

This off grid system was built on a summer cabin.

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Scott Graham (Public)

This utility interface system supports 100% of annual consumption produced. 

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Peter Kellerman (Public)

This system has a battery backup and covers 100% of their electrical needs. 

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Kennebunk Middle School (Commercial)

Susan And Chuck Leahy (Public)

This system has a battery backup allowing off grid operation.

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Marshwood Middle School (Commercial)

Doctor Eve Berman (Public)

One of few utility interface systems with a battery backup in Maui. Since instillation in 2010 Dr. Berman has never lost power while her neighbors experience frequent short term power outages. 

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Naoto and Susan Inoue (Public)

Anne Nichols (Public)

2.1 KW tracking system in Beverly. 

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Pemetic School (Commercial)

Student driven fundraiser for this solar system with matching funds from the school district. 

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Steve Ross (Public)

Gritchen Woods (Public)

Dean And Susan Taylor (Public)

Kohler Distribution (Industrial)

Kohler was a large project and the planning and budgeting was prepared well before the start of the installation. The site had extremely low tolerances on roof load and required a custom racking design. This system also utilizes the first 500kw and 266kw inverters ever built by Solectria Renewables. On this project we hired out interconnection managers from the New Jersey state to assure a smooth transaction while we concentrated on the project detail and customer relations.

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SunGen Circle Finishing, LLC. (Commercial)

This system is a power purchase agreement and the tallest array in Massachusetts, engineered to withstand 110 mph winds and stands at almost 23 feet on the North side. We prepared and planned everything ahead of time and were promptly on task and budget. The design, permitting and funding aspects took almost a year, while construction took only 3 weeks.  

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Ciderhill Farm (Agricultural)

We were brought in after another contractor had been unable to perform the task on budget. Our aggressive pricing and tight budget control allowed us to install a system that was 136% larger for the same cost and has three separate systems installed. This project was quickly approved for interconnection, rebates and was designed, ordered, prepared, situated and ready for installation in a timely manner.

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SunGen Step Guys (Industrial)

This project is the largest system and only PPA in Maine. The system completely supplies all the power for a pre-cast concrete plant. We took the project from concept to completion with a total overhaul of the electrical systems including a transformer upgrade at the grid level. The challenge was the economic justification in a state with no incentives. With a solid financial structure that challenge was overcome. The installation crew completed the project within a 3 week time period.

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Amesbury High School (Public)

This project was efficient from start to finish. The crew took only one week to get this installation executed. Everything was planned and implemented well before the project started. The approval of interconnection to build the array was a quick turnaround.

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Windmill Plaza (Commercial)

Tannery Mall (Commercial)

At the time of installation this was the largest private system in New England.  The roof that the system was installed on is over 80 years old and special consideration had to be given to ballasting on specific points.  

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Arundel Ford (Commercial)

This system supplies 75% of Arundel Ford's electrical needs and is the first Ford dealer to be solarized in New England.

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Dick and Gail Bartlett (Public)

The Bartlett's have a battery inverter back up system making their house off grid capable instantaneously. 

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Agmart (Commercial)

2 Mega Watt design, sale and tech support for a large farm in New Jersey.

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East End Community School (Commercial)