Naoto Inoue, President

Naoto Inoue is the driving force behind the success, longevity and culture at Talmage Solar Engineering, Inc. His involvement in renewable energy began in the early 1970’s and has been a pioneer in many disciplines of the industry. Naoto has extensive experience with Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, Wind, Hydro and High Performance building and energy efficiency. In 1994, when Naoto became a partner at TSE, he led the company to a decade of sustained growth averaging 21.4% per year.

In 2001 he began working on a Power Purchase Agreement model at a time when all projects were rebate based financing. Over the next few years Naoto refined the model and waited for optimal market conditions. In 2008, TSE rolled out the beginning of the SunGen family. SunGen offered PPA’s to private sector companies in New England at a time when discount renewable energy was considered financially infeasible. All PPA’s offered by SunGen are still privately held and profitable.

While these points represent significant milestones in the growth of TSE, the real achievement is the survival over the years in an industry that has gone from infancy to maturity under Naoto’s watch.

Everett Rideout, Master Electrician

Everett has been working with TSE for over a decade as a subcontractor. He has traveled over 15,000 miles with TSE to installations as far as Belize. Everett is one of the most experienced electricians in New England for solar installation. His leadership ability keeps multiple teams of electricians performing tasks with the highest level of quality. Everett has owned and run Rideout Electric, an electrical contractor for over 20 years.   

Recently, Everett joined TSE on a full time basis. His experience and professionalism in the field is a cornerstone of our installation team.