Project Gallery | Commercial | Sharon, VT

Project Size:

2.2 MW


Sharon, Vermont


The project known as SunGen Sharon 1 is our largest project to date and the largest in the state of Vermont. The 2.2MW system incorporates 9,562 Upsolar UP-M230 polycrystalline modules. Each panel is monitored by Tigo Energy Maximizers assuring they deliver the most power available under any condition. The Maximizers are expected to increase performance of the array by 4% within the first year while driving the cost of operation down. The project is part of the Vermont Feed-In Tariff that is managed by Vermont SPEED. The power’s fed into the Public Service grid and purchased by Green Mountain Power. Over the life of the project the system is expected to produce approximately 57,500,000 kwh. The array will produce enough power to supply approximately 440 of the 553 homes in the Town of Sharon.

Annual Output:

2,250,000 KW/H