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Project Size:

123.2 KW


Newburyport, Mass.


This system is a power purchase agreement and the tallest array in Massachusetts, engineered to withstand 110 mph winds and stands at almost 23 feet on the North side. We prepared and planned everything ahead of time and were promptly on task and budget. The design, permitting and funding aspects took almost a year, while construction took only 3 weeks.  

Annual Output:

139,153 KW/H

Client Feedback:

I was very pleased with the project design and construction and I continue to be pleased with the solar performance. During the setup, Naoto was a true engineer. The pieces were put in place like an interlocking puzzle and just kept growing before our eyes. The communication between Naoto and Circle was impeccable. We never had to wonder what the next step was. Care was taken, not to disrupt our business, or the landscape, a difficult task considering the high water table. In the end, the system was plugged into our electrical trunk and we immediately started to gain energy and reduce the amount purchased from our present vendor. We continue to enjoy our solar savings each and every day. I highly recommend Talmage Solar Engineering, Inc. for high performance solar energy. Best Regards, Rod L’Italien