At Solar Market, we believe that business should add value to the environment and society as well as the economy. Our company value statement is built upon this idea, as is our logo–the sides of the triangle represent the balance of Nature, Humanity, and Technology.

We are committed to creating value by balancing nature, humanity, and technology.

We recognize the intrinsic value of nature.

We are an inseparable part of nature, unique in our ability to consciously alter the environment on a global scale.

We accept our responsibility to promote the long-term health of the planet.

We embrace humanity, our uniqueness and our interconnection to each other. We accept our responsibility to work towards a healthier, more compassionate existence.

We respect our ability to imagine and create technology that can transform our lives. We accept our responsibility to explore, develop, and promote products and ideas that enhance humanity and cultivate our harmony with nature.

We believe that creating value requires making profit, supporting nature, and benefiting humanity. We accept our responsibility to wisely manage a healthy relationship between these values.

-We will look for opportunities to share our knowledge about renewable energy and sustainable living.

-We will inform our customers about ideas and methods for sustainable living and help them identify steps that are appropriate to their goals and resources.

-Our products will meet people’s needs, improve their lives, support the environment and conserve our natural resources.

-We will provide excellent service and quality products.

-We will sell technology and designs that are both state of the art and proven to be reliable.

-We will only sell and promote products that we would use ourselves.

-We will establish a network of resources that complement our products and services.

-We will seek to create mutual advantages in all of our relationships and conduct ourselves in an honorable fashion, so that people will trust us and want to do business with us.

-We will strive to excel in our field and we will favor cooperation and growth of the industry over antagonistic competition.

-We will provide our shareholders with a healthy return on their investment.

-We will treat our customers, vendors, and coworkers with respect and kindness, take the opportunity to learn from them, and share our knowledge, time, and talents.

-We will do our best to make our company an entertaining, refreshing, and stimulating place to work.

-We will provide our employees with fair compensation, and the opportunity for professional growth and personal fulfillment.

-We will educate ourselves on current trends in the environment and sustainable living.

-We will be a model for other businesses, and we will embrace change and strive for improvement.

-We will use our best efforts to conduct our business in accordance with our values and we will be conscious of the impacts of our business on the environment.